→ Aluminium is the best eco-metal in the world, which is how it came under the list of green metals and is called green aluminium.

→ Green aluminium is a very environmentally friendly and safe metal.

→ This metal is easily recyclable and hence saves a lot of energy required to produce aluminium.

→ Green aluminium has many properties such as high strength-to-weight ratio, high thermal and electrical conductivity, atmospheric corrosion resistance, workability and formability.

→ The recycled product does not degrade and can be used multiple times without losing its quality.

→ Many industries are now shifting to the use of green aluminium because now everyone is aware of the harmful effects of the regular metals.

→ Green aluminium plays an important role in our daily lives as well. They are used in CDs, refrigerators, kitchenware, packaging for food and medicines, electric lines, computers and many more.