Green metals are considered advantageous for the environment but they still have certain limitations and disadvantages.

→ Even though the recycling process of green metals is easy and uses less energy, the primary extraction of the metals is a huge process and takes up too much energy.

→ Green metals that come in contact with harmful toxins get contaminated and contaminated metals cannot be recycled. Even if you clean the metal, you cannot guarantee that all the chemicals have been removed. Which is why it would be unwise to recycle that metal.

→ Some green metals are energy-intensive to recycle. For example, aluminium saves more than 90% of the energy needed to make a comparable amount of new aluminium from raw materials. But the process is still energy-intensive. Aluminium has a high melting point of  around 660 degrees Celsius. This means we’re still putting a strain on natural resources to recycle this metal.