Today more and more attention is given to environmental impacts that humans have on Earth. Now, the steel industry has reduced its carbon emission and water and energy use significantly. So now, the question arises whether green metal is safe for the environment?

These are four ways metal buildings using steel is reducing harm to environment and making green metal safe for the environment:

Steel is sustainable-

Steel, is both 100% recyclable and substantially made of recycled material.

  • Steel is 100% recyclable and sustainable and is made of recycled material. It emits no volatile organic chemicals, thus, improving the interior environment of buildings
  • Milling of steel takes almost no water and any water that’s used gets recycled back to environment. It also uses less energy.
  • Steel is more durable and can disassembled, reassembled and reused at the end of the building’s life.
  • All scrap can be recycled into steel

Prefabricated with Steel-

Pre-engineering and prefabricating steel buildings reduce construction waste in several ways.

  • No waste is created.
  • A pre-fabricated building is manufactured within rigid quality control processes. Each hole is pre-drilled, all frames and panels are pre-fitted thus leading to no need of cutting, drilling or punching is required on site.

Green Building Design-

A metal building provides numerous opportunities to save energy-

  • Natural Lighting– A thoroughly researched plan increases the amount of natural light entering the building without increasing heat. It allows easy placement of windows and doors and natural lighting improves the interior working environment and reduces the necessity of electrical lighting during the day.
  • Solar Panels– Solar panels convert solar energy into electricity, even though, this is an expensive set up. It helps save electricity.
  • Cool rooftops– using roof panels with special pigments reflect and re-emits the solar radiation thus keeping the interior cooler. The energy use is reduced by almost 40%.