Gold is one of the most precious metals we have, and it also gives us a lot of interesting shapes and colors. Green on the other hand is one of the most interesting, eye-catching and unusual color of gold.

Naturally occurring alloy which has gold, silver and hints of copper and other metals is known as electrum. The greenish tint in electrum is very subtle so only an experienced and trained eye can spot it quickly.

Green gold is generally alloyed with different metals like zinc and nickel to make it stronger, as the mixture of gold and silver does give us an interesting color but they alone cannot making it stronger. A person should be careful while purchasing green gold when it is alloyed with nickel as it causes major allergic reaction on some people.

Green gold is basically used to give jewelry a unique color. It can be used as the main material or can be used as an accent color for the jewelry. It is mostly popular for creating leaf like pieces of a jewelry.

Green gold was also used in ancient times, as early as the third millennium BC, it was used to make ancient vessels and also used as a coating for the pyramids and obelisks in Egypt. The medals for Noble Prize were also made of green gold for many years.

Green gold is not produced as much as the other forms of gold as it is difficult to find. But, of you do find one, you will have a precious, beautiful, unusual metal which is difficult to find in your hands which will definitely turn heads.

Content by- Henna Majithia

Instagram- @hennamajithia