Advantages of Green Metals:

  • Helps to limit the number of metals that must be produced therefore there will be less rubbish in landfills, which is a big problem right now.
  • Slows the consuming of the earth’s resources.
  • Green Metals are recyclable.
  • Recycling of Green Metals creates much less fossil fuel extracting metal from the ore.
  • Uses less energy resulting in less fossil fuels being burnt.
  • Recycling of Green Metals results in ore being saved.
  • Green Metals are earth friendly.
  • Less damage to the environment – fewer quarries and mines, less noise and less heavy traffic.

Disadvantages of Green Metals:

  • Raw material to produce green Metals need to be separated from other recycling materials such as plastic and paper.
  • Requires more transport due to more trucks needed to transfer all the metals.
  • Many of the recycled Green Metals are impure.
  • The collection and sorting of the products can use a lot of time and energy.
  • More sorting facilities and factories will have to be bought, made, constructed.
  • Green Metals creates fewer jobs compare to extracting the natural resource.

Some metals particularly aluminium degrade after every reuse cycle and this means that that the final products may vary in quality